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About me

 First of all, it’s extremely great that You are HERE - at my LVM Jewelry store. Even more nice that you wonder under what circumstances they were born. So from the beginning ...
I have been living with jewelry since 2011. During this period, I had to make many things with my own hands, from serial to single, from silver to gold, from amber to diamonds, and so on.

However, working in a company is very restrictive, often you just have to do what the client or employer wants. I lacked the space to reveal my abilities, to express my imagination - more and more often I thought about how I would develop a similar business myself. Unknowingly, I started buying raw materials, drawing sketches and just the day came when I decided to start my own jewelry business.


 Only good energy, subtlety and the belief that beauty will conquer the world in these jewelry.

I hope everyone will discover their beauty!
It is always a pleasure to read beautiful customer reviews and recommendations. Your comments are also helpful as they help you improve. If you have additional questions - please write me a message.

You can check out the existing reviews by visiting LVMjewelry’s Facebook profile, and if you’ll write your own review, I’ll be very appreciative.

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Jewelry making process

How jewelry products are born. White pearl necklace production (Shop NOW). 

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