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Silver 925 bracelet.

Gilded by pure gold or pure silver.

Weight - 9g.

Choose coverage.


Silver bracelet ''Aeda''

SKU: 66
  • A silver fineness of 925 means that the metal alloy contains 92.5 percent silver. The rest are other metals that give hardness to silver. Silver is not very chemically active, but when silver sulfide is formed, it is covered with a black sheet. Which can be eliminated by special measures.


    For this reason, silver is plated with gold or rhodium, palladium - they stops all silver oxidation reactions.

    Coated silver products must be protected from scratching, rubbing against other hard or sharp surfaces, as the coating will be damaged.

  • We will engrave the text you specify, we will select the text size

    According to the number of characters (low characters - text large, many characters - small)

    Engraved jewelry - non-refundable