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Stylish jewelry with amber. Amber jewelry is going through a renaissance, so our company offers several choices. THIS CHAIN ​​IS A TYMPH OF STYLE. One looks stylish, does not complicate the image, fits perfectly with the classic style outfit. She can also participate in completing more jewelry.

Freedom of your choice! You will look good when you feel that way!




  • 15mm diameter Baltic amber with inclusion
  • Silver necklace, plated pure gold, they can choose from two lengths:  40 or 45cm
  • Weight - 3,4g




Silver necklace with Baltic amber pendant ''Lemon'' GILDED

SKU: 722
  • Strengthens the immune system, protects the human body from various diseases, and neutralizes toxins. When wearing genuine amber unpolished jewelry, amber will also protect you from dehydration. Amber also has sedative properties, so it will help those who are anxious and stressed. Amber will also help those who want to improve their thyroid function and regain inner energy and peace.

  • A silver fineness of 925 means that the metal alloy contains 92.5 percent silver. The rest are other metals that give hardness to silver. Silver is not very chemically active, but when silver sulfide is formed, it is covered with a black sheet. Which can be eliminated by special measures.


    For this reason, silver is plated with gold or rhodium, palladium - they stops all silver oxidation reactions.

    Coated silver products must be protected from scratching, rubbing against other hard or sharp surfaces, as the coating will be damaged.

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