• Silver chain with pendant
  • Silver 925
  • Pendant with "Petit prince'' logo
  • Length 40cm + 5cm extender
  • Weight -3,8g


Goldplated chain "Petit prince"

SKU: 734
  • Silver (Ag) is one of the oldest metals used by man. In Latin, "argentum" means white. The historical name comes from the Gothic word silbur. Silver is used not only in the production of jewelry, but also in modern technologies. A beautiful silver device was already found in the tombs of the Chaldean temple (4th millennium BC). Silver was popular in Persia, and old mines were found in Greece and Spain, Central Europe, and South America. In the past, silver was an important unit of payment (and in a sense now). Silver is believed to have great power and healing properties.

    Silver is the metal of the moon, symbolizing the purity of the spirit. Often religious symbols (icons, crosses) are made of silver. Silver is believed to have magical powers and it absorbs all human experiences into itself. Water immersed in silver has been found to have antibacterial activity. The effect of silver on the body is believed - it prevents premature aging, soothes excitement and anxiety. Silver improves vision, brain and heart activity. Has an effect on the treatment of diabetes, thyroid, bronchitis, gastrointestinal tract.